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Please use $MODELPATH

The Problem On-device AI models are becoming more common, but by default, applications store them in different places. Application Default How to Change HuggingFace Transformers ~/.cache/huggingface/hub Set TRANSFORMERS_CACHE LM Studio ~/.cache/lm-studio/models My Models -> Change Ollama ~/.ollama Set OLLAMA_MODELS Jan ~/jan/models Advanced Settings -> Jan Data Folder GPT4All ~/.cache/gpt4all/ Unclear These applications (and new ones which will come) are becoming popular with non-technical audiences. A user who tries one of these applications is more likely to try another.

Local LLMs

I wrote this guide for a friend interested in running large language models locally in September 2023, and parts of it are out of date – things change quickly. If you’re reading it and run into questions feel free to email me: f (at)

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